Best 750W psu line up,which to take?

Silverstone Strider 750W (has 80% silver efficiency but only 52a = 648W peak load, so disappointing)
Corsair TX750V2 (has 80% bronze and 62a, 744W peak load, satisfactory)
Antec TruePower 750 (same as corsair, but is probably partly modular, don't care much about cable routing)

The corsair with my dealer is ready for purchase any time I walk in, I don't know much about Antec and Silverstone, but I do know Corsair's warranty is great (correct me if I am wrong)
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  1. Corsair and Antec are both good (the best with maybe Seasonic and XFX), I have no idea on the silverstone so check reviews on that model or avoid it.
  2. Okay I wrote something wrong, its actually Silverstone Strider Plus 750W, Silver 80 in efficiency, fully modular, and the same price as the Corsair TX750 (a little difference)
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