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guys/gals i pay'd for a gaming pc to be built and they installed windows7 proff os i didnt notice at first and i installed about 60 gig worth of games 3 months later i started getting validate messages then i realised my home edition key wouldnt activate it too much downloading to wipe so i ignored it until my keyboard randomly started freezing pc (hold power key for 5 seecs only way to get out of error) so i bit the bullet reinstalled windows 7 home downloaded worlf of warcraft to test and i cant get it to work its slow to open doesnt recognise dirextx is installed when it does open graphices look like a bad japanese cartoon when i prees on a toon wow crashes any ideas whether its my motherboard...hard a 40yr old gamer who inst really hardware savvy can anyone point me in a direction rampage II Gene motherboard 6 gig ram 1tb HD GTX 470 graphics card
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  1. and i forgot to mention the graphics card is about 7 weeks old ive replaced it since i built the system 2 years ago
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