Best GPU for my PC max 200$


I want to upgrade my old GPU ATI Radeon hd 2600, but i'm not sure about which card choose...
I was interested in amd radeon 68xx but i don't know which manufacturer choose for overclocking between ASUS, SAPPHIRE and POWERCOLOR.
my budget is nearly 250$ (=170 euro).
i want it to play game like COD MW2 or BO, and assassin's creed brotherood.
but if you know another manufacturer, or GPU better (always overclocked) tell me plase.

Thank you :D .

my system specs are:
CPU: intel core 2 duo e6700 2.66ghz
Motherboard: asus P5B-deluxe (with Pcie 1.0)
ram memory: 2 gb
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  1. the vid card may or may not work with your older motherboard. Many older ASUS motherboards need a BIOS update to work properly with new vid cards. Something like an ATI 5770 or Nvidia gts450 are what you should be looking at. A 68xx card will be bottlenecked by your cpu at lower resolutions, unless your playing at 1080p or higher. I would recommend OC your cpu to at least 3ghz. That can be done on the stock cooler pretty easily. Also if you plan to use Vista or Win7 4gb or more ram is recommended.
  2. so i have to upgrade all my pc?
    if so tell me what i have to buy!
    however i saw it's better nvidia gts 450, but i don't know which manufacturer choose! (maybe SLI?)
    and how can i OC my cpu on the stock cooler? :)

    i run windows 7 32 bit.
  3. The BIOS will allow you to adjust the 266 MHz (266x10) base clock upwards (and cpu core voltage, if necessary) pretty easily...
  4. i ran my core 2 duo e6600 at 3ghx (2.4 is stock) on the stock cooler, so you should be ok. I did have it re-seated with AS5 thermal compound though. Just make sure the temps stay below 70C and you should be fine, you may even get it higher than 3ghz. A gts450 would be a good upgrade from what you have, dont expect it to max out games at 1080p though. What resolution will you be gaming in? Also whay PSU do you have? if its running a 2600 fine then it should be a decent psu as they were pretty power hungry cards.
  5. i'm running an ENERMAX FMA II with 535w.
    and what 4 gb ram should i buy?
    and how can i overclock my cpu safely? i don't know anything about it!
    i also find in my mobo manual AI NOS. is it good?
  6. now, I want to know which manufacturer choose for the GPU nvidia gts 450.
    Help me please!
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