Cant download with limewire or use azureus

hi guys i moved to a country called trinidad and tobago.I have really fast broadband but it seems they are blocking p2p connectivity.I have a wrt54gl router and ZHONE Firmware: 03.01.08 modem

How can i bypass them from blocking my connectivity.I heard about something called port forward.Thanks
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  1. On a hunch I'd say have a look at openDNS:
  2. not working . i can only use hotspot shield to access limewire azureus etc.I heard of port forwarding how can i do this?
  3. That sounds like your ISP is stoping you, you can foward the ports by loggin into your router and go to port settings and type in the port th P2p programs run on and set them to redirect to an available port on you ISP's list. Im not sure this will help thou some ISP block the port by the name of the program and any connection to that program will be stopped "At the gates". look up your ISP ports information online and see if you can redirect them threw your router. also you might have to enable a rule in you firewall.
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