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What is the general consensus on them? I'm in the market for a new 23" to 24" and the ASUS monitors are very competitvely priced.

What is your opinion and advice?
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  1. Overall, Asus monitors are considered 2nd tier instead of 1st monitors.

    1st tier monitors are generally considered to be of good quality build, nothing flimsy and from a reputable brand like Dell, Samsung, NEC, HP.

    2nd tier monitors are considered to be more value oriented. Nothing generally wrong with the monitor, but it might be a bit flimsy in construction or use a lot of plastic.

    As an owner of an Asus VK246H, I am overall satisfied with the monitor. Sure, the bezel and stand might feel like cheap plastic, but there is not inherently wrong with the monitor itself. And it was relatively inexpensive (about $240) when I bought it back in 2008.
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