M5A78L-M/USB3 - CPU Fan error.

Ok, my issue isn't a MAJOR one, and help here before helped me diagnose what is wrong, but now I am stuck on a fix!

I'm using an Arctic 7 Pro (rev 2) fan, but the heatsink is too good! The fan doesn't start spinning til the CPU reaches 33 degrees C, however it takes a few minutes to reach this temp, so EVERY time on startup I get a CPU fan error warning. I also use PC Probe 2, so once I get into Windows, I check that and sure enough, it spinning when I get there (or an alarm sounds about 0 RPM on the fan, then 10 secs later it starts up).

Now I know I can stop this annoying Hit F1 to continue start-up in BIOS, however I do not want to do this as Sod's Law will strike and when I get a 'real' computer error, I won't get a message about it.

I'm by no means an expert with computers, however within the BIOS (v. 1103) I cannot find an option to change the CPU temperature at which the CPU fan starts. Is there such an option hidden from me, or is this just a flaw in the BIOS (having no option to change when CPU fan starts), and something I will have to live with?

Many thanks in advance for help with this.
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  1. I think you want to adjust the CPU Q-fan function settings in the BIOS. St the fan mode to manual and set it to be always on.
  2. Thanks for that. I don't know if it has worked yet as I only just changed the settings to tomorrow morning when I boot up will hopefully be ok. It wouldn't let me set the lower limit temperature manually but it was fixed at 20 degrees so that should be more than enough.
  3. Yay! For the first time in weeks no CPU Fan error on start up! Thanks so much for the fix Abekl. I had contacted Asus support but to be honest they were worse than useless.
  4. You're welcome.
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