When would I need a multi core(8 ) processor?

I want to do some upgrading to my D620 laptop, and I wanted to know what sound cards are compatible with the D620, and what processor should I get? Do I need an 8 core processor? I use my laptop primarily for downloading videos and music, and once in a while software like video converters, and I use it for school, but I would like a better sound card, like a beats audio card, and a faster processor.
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  1. Upgradeing a laptop is not easy and I don't think it would be worth it , you would pretty much have to take the whole thing apart. I would see about adding some ram first . that could help speed things up a little. You also cannot put an 8 core in your laptop as your motherboard will not have the right socket for it. Besides Intel does not make an 8 core and you cannot add an internal sound card to a laptop.

  2. There aren't any Intel mobile 8-core procesors that I'm aware of, so...

    Anyways, there are really only 4 parts you can replace in a laptop with different parts. The CPU, RAM, HDD, and DVD. Everything else is typically made spicifically for the laptop in question and is not interchangeable.

    You can also get a PCMCIA card (also known as PC Card) and expand your laptop that way. Here is an example (but a pricey example) - http://www.amazon.com/Creative-Blaster-Audigy-Notebook-PCMCIA/dp/B00067KZJI

    Personally, I wouldn't upgrade the processor for what you do. Cleaning out windows (stopping all the programs that start on boot that you hardly use) and possibly upgrading the RAM should be a decent boost of speed.
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