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Why the dram light on my mobo keep on and has beep sound.. My build is p8z68-v,

Why the dram light on my mobo keep on and has beep sound.. My build is i5 3450, p8z68-v, hyperx 1600 4gb, hd 7770 1gb, 2tb wd green.
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  1. If the DRAM LED is 'on' then upon posting the ASUS BIOS determined the RAM has a problem. The problem can originate from a few issues:
    1. Incorrect DIMM slots:
    1 stick: CPU: | -- | 4GB | -- | -- |
    2 sticks: CPU: | -- | 2GB | -- | 2GB |

    2. RAM is improperly seated in the DIMM slot, carefully remove the RAM using the release, examine both the DIMM slot(s) and Stick for problems or debris, reinsert and make certain the locking mechanism 'snaps' in to place.

    3. Bad stick of RAM, if you have 2 sticks try 1 stick at a time.

    4. Other issues: Bent CPU Pin(s), Grounding/Shorting: aftermarket HSF with metal backplate, or Case with punch-out 'standoff's' vs brass standoffs.
  2. Bent CPU pin?? Is it because the heat sink?? Because issues number 1-3 is not a problem btw..
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    Wait, did you have a Sandy Bridge CPU in that board before?

    If not, that's the problem. The BIOS needs to be updated for the 3450.
  4. Nope, the main problem now is I need to update my bios? Is my setting look ok tu you or i really need to change it?
  5. Yeah, you'll need to update the BIOS. Unfortunately, the only way to do that is with a Sandy Bridge CPU installed. If you know someone that has one that you can borrow for that, that would be perfect, but you may be able to get a shop to loan you one for that as well. As a last resort, you can buy a cheap Sandy Bridge Celeron to do it.

    After you do that though, you should be good to go.
  6. Thanks a lot, my weekend will much better ^___^
  7. You're welcome. :)
  8. Yep, that ^ should do it : )
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