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I understand that LCD's found on laptops are forced to stick with their native resolution in order to have the most crisp and clear image; changing it from the native resolution would then of course make images look blurry and uncrisp.

My question is this:

I am planning deciding between two models of the same laptop series, one having a HD 720p LCD (1366x768 resolution) and the other having a FHD 1080p LCD (1920x1080 resolution), all on a 15.6" screen.

If I plan to go with the FHD 1080p screen, will this make gaming look blurry and uncrisp when playing on a lower resolution (knowing that there will be no way to use my native resolution with my GPU, being forced to stick with a lower resolution)?
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  1. You will loss some "crispness", but over that quality will not be that bad.

    The best thing to do is go to a computer store and play around with the resolution on a few laptops to get an idea.
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