Computer Making Never Ending Beep

I just built this last week. My first build. It seemed to be pretty easy

AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE
Radeon 6870
Gigabyte 990xa
4 Gbs Kingston RAM
Corsair 650 Watt
Western Digital 500gb Hard drive.

The CPU temps were higher than usuallly so i started messing around with fan settings in the Bios. After that it started making a beeping noise. Not mulltiple beeps, but one long never ending continuous beep. As soon as i press the power button the beeping noise starts up. The computer starts up fine, but the beeping noise keeps going.

Oh and my CPU temp is 45C is that normal? Please help as i just built this and it was fine all week. Did i screw something up in the BIOS? I'm going to try setting BIOS back to default and will post results.

Okay, as i was typing this i reset the BIOS to default and the beeping stopped... I guess i just freaked out seeing as how i had just built it and i thought something might have died already. Is there anything i should do to follow up on this? To make sure nothing is wrong with my computer?

Also one of my Case fans is not working. It is at 0 RPM in the BIOS and i can't select any of the fan settings. When i try choose one the fan settings it just scrolls past all of fan settings. Thank you.
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    or you could read the motherboard manual
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