Gtx 560 limits?

I was going to get a gtx 570 but I decided to get the 560 because I heard it had a better price to power ratio. However I'm not sure if it will able to run the latest games on high settings on a 27 inch monitor. Does anybody know how far I can take the 560 as far as monitor size and resolution goes (I will only use one monitor)?
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  1. 27in at what resolution? If its 1440 (Apple LED, Dell U2711, some high-end NEC and Samsungs) then save up some more cash for dual cards. If its 1080P then the 560 would be fine given you have a decent system.
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    560Ti, or, merely a 560?

    Agree w/ above, the size of the monitor is not really important, but it's resolution ia; the 27"/2560x1440 monitors require much more pixel throughput than an LCD TV at 1920x1080....

    If yours is a 2560x1440 monitor, I'd choose either a GTX570 or a 6950(2gb), the latter normally being almost as powerful, but, $100 less expensive.
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