Newbie question: Please don't tell me to buy a different case

All of my stuff is finally here today to put my first home-built PC together, so I'm itchin' to go - but first I have a dumb newbie question...

The case that I'm reusing appears to have the front bezel screwed on from inside the case. I can get to (what I think is) 5 of 6 screws. The last one is up under the CD/DVD cage in the top corner. Do I get to it blindly with a long screwdriver? (I may need to take the power supply out to have enough room to get to it.

It appears that I need to take the front bezel off to get to the cages & front tabs. And it also appears that I need to take the HD cage out to be able to secure the hard drive inside with all 4 screws (otherwise I see two screws on my "open" side and the other two have very little clearance between the cage and the other side of the case.

If I'm not understanding this properly, please set me straight.
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  1. its extremely unlikely you need to take the front bezel off .

    What case exactly ? This would have been very useful information .

    usually both sides of a case can be removed .
  2. No idea. Can't see marks on it anywhere. It was a local computer store build, originally. ATX case. Has a little flip door on the bottom front for a couple usb ports, headphone jack. Above it is a little square plastic window that holds the sticker for the local maker's mark. I'll check to see if the other side also comes off, but think I would have notice that. Then again, I'm Captain Obvious sometimes. :kaola:
  3. Sheesh. The other side DOES come off. What a Goober. :ange:

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