Are these temps normal for a i5-2500k?


I just tried my new i5-2500k with Battlefield 3.
I got these temps. Are they normal?

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I use the Intel headsink and I am going to buy a new one in a couple of days.

Thanks for your help!
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  1. The CPU temps seem to be on the high side, and the CPU_fan is running on the low side. The fan control will be in the BIOS and you can set the speed there.
  2. Those temps aren't that bad considering you're using the stock cooler.
    I agree with Ubrales about the cpu fan speed.
    Seems to me your case airflow could be better though.
    34C for your hdd isn't bad but mine has never gone over 34C even when ambient room temp was unbearable in the summer.
    Presently my ambient room temp is 20C and hdd is 27C.
    My rigs been on since 9am.
  3. Whats your ambient temp?
  4. Something about 25 degrees
  5. Something about 25 degrees
  6. Something about 25 degrees
  7. That temps is a bit high. Are you running on stock?
  8. Yes, I use the stock headsink
  9. Yes, I use the stock headsink
  10. (1) Your temps are close to nornmal for (A) ambient temp of 78 F - This time of the year most have an ambient room temp of 68->72 F. ( for ever deg F rise in room temp the cpu temp will go up 1C->1.5C ) (B) using the Stock Intel HSF - One of the poorest performing HSF, aftermarket much better. (C) playing BF3 - ?? how long into game play.

    (2) Max temp, before CPU starts throttling back is mid 90s. Recommended is to keep below 70 C ( My self imposed limit is 65C

    (3) While the Stock HSF is OK for Game play it does not allow (not recommend) for OC ( the I5-2500 K is very easily OCed to 4.2->4.6). Nor is it adequate for runing Prime 95 for extened time to verify System stability - may reach 70->80 C with in a short time.
    ... And I always recommend runing prime 95 for min of 4->6 hours to verify all new systems and/or when ever memory is changed (or settings) and when OCing.
    .. Most recommended 3rd party HSF based on cost/performance is the Hyper 212 (ball park - $30), Myself I like the higher end ones - I have the Zalman 9900Max - But it is not cost effective unless ON SALE. It is also hard to mount in that it requires eccessive pressure - But I do like. Remember, while your temps are fine - the cooler the better.
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