Gtx 560 vs gtx 560 ti

as the title says, what are the differences between the two? which one should i get for an upgrade from a 9800gt, or should i wait? thanks!
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  1. The Ti is faster, having more pipelines/cores (384 cores vs. 386 for the non-Ti), and would be my choice if playing at 1920x1080 res.

    In my opinion, with 6950s offering similar or even slightly better performance in some titles at the highest resolutions/AA settings for $40 less cost, it's hard to choose/recommend the 560Ti over the 6950(2gb)
  2. how much faster would the Ti be over the non- Ti in FPS?

    Varies depending on which 560, which 560Ti, which game, and at what res....; shown is BF2 at 1920x1200, perhaps 10-15% framerate difference at reference clockspeeds....
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