Z77 extreme6 or z77 Fatal1ty professional.

hello guys,

CPU = i7 3770k
COOLER = noctua nh d14
RAM = tridentx

now im stuck in choose between z77 extreme6 or z77 Fatal1ty professional. (price is not an iissue) please guide me through your help will be highly appreciable.

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  1. Taken from OverclockersClub.com....

    "The ATX Z77 Fatal1ty Professional is similar to the X77 Extreme6 but seems to have some minor changes, including an extra PCIe x1 slot replacing the mini-PCIe slot, more PWM phases (better OC'ing), dual-ethernet ports and less display outputs (DisplayPort and HDMI only)."

    Hope that helps you decide...

    Since you didn't mention a graphics card, I'm guessing you're using the integrated Intel graphics on the 3770K, so you of course need a board with DVI/HDMI output. If you do have your own graphics card, another option is the Z77 Professional

    Z77 Professional
  2. I'd go for the Z77 Fatal1ty. I recently ordered one (but canceled it).

    Better from the Z77 Fatal1ty will the ASUS P8Z77-Deluxe and P8z77 V-Pro Thunderbolt.

    The fatal1ty has LOADS of features but the deluxe and the v-pro beats it in terms of performance.

    (I got the Maximus V Extreme xD)
  3. yea i knew it deluxe had loads of features plus performance is also gr8 but not going for it because its not available in my country as of poor support by asus. so had to stick with asrock and was confused in choosing between fatal1ty and extreme6
    your reply helped me decide to go for fatal1ty. thanks much :)
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