Dell XPS 420 RAM Question

I am looking to upgrade my 4GB RAM memory to 8GB.

A couple questions that I have are:

Where to buy the cheapest yet retaining quality?

What prong type do I need?

Should I buy 2x2GB or 1x4GB?

Any suggestions and tips are much appreciated!

Mainboard : Dell 0TP406
Chipset : Intel X38
Processor : Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2400MHz
Physical Memory : 4096MB (4 x 1024 DDR2-SDRAM )
Video Card : ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series
Hard Disk : Seagate ST3500620AS (500GB)
DVD-Rom Drive : PLDS DVD+-RW DH-16A6S
CD-Rom Drive : DTSoftBusCd00
Monitor Type : Dell Computer DELL 2208WFP - 22 inches
Network Card : Intel 82801IB/IR/IH (ICH9 Family) Gigabit Ethernet Controller
Network Card : Ralink Technology Ralink RT2500 802.11 CardBus Reference Card
Operating System : Windows (TM) Vista Home Premium Home Edition Media Center 6.00.6002 Service Pack 2 (64-bit)
DirectX : Version 11.00
Windows Performance Index : 5.3 on 5.9
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  1. is a great place, but if you have a local frys electronics that would also be a good place. The only problem is now ddr2 ram is very expensive than ddr3 ram, for 2x4 sticks it will go around 100-130.
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  3. Anyone mind confirming whether or not this would fit my comp?

    Sorry for the spam.
  4. You';re link doesnt work .. so we can't
    Did you confirm with Dell that your system would expand to 8gb?
    If it does then check if it will take a 1x4gb stick; I dont think it will and that you are limited to 4x2gb if you want 8gb's of ram.
    Here are your choices at Newegg:

    Crucial dot com will also have some available at reasonable prices. They are Micron's brand name so that means they actually make the memory chips they use unlike the other vendors.
  5. So I cant have my 2x2gb sticks in addition to two different 2gb sticks?

    Sorry about the bad link. Here it is corrected:

    (For any Newbies to this forum; You don't actually have to put the link in url brackets. You can simply put the link directly into the post.)
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  7. Stop bumping. yes they will work.
  8. the 420 is much like my 410, so yes, you can have up to i believe 8gb of ram, 4x2gb sticks

    just be sure to have 64bit system installed
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