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I have a Q6600 running at stock speed with a stock cooler on a DDR2 Socket 775 board. I asked a co-worker about possible (cheap) upgrade options, and what he recommended was getting a halfway decent cooler, a DDR3 775 board and try overclocking my chip. Newegg has some DDR3/775 boards, but they are all limited to two DIMM slots and a max. of 8GB. I’d like to have 16GB as an option, so I may have to get something on eBay. Can anyone suggest some used DDR3/775 boards that would support 4 DIMM slots/16GB RAM?
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  1. I don't think that what you want exists
  2. Hey, emm, I know it has been almost 2 years since the thread started, but last time ago, I found the motherboard that you looking for imrazor, it supports maximum 16GB with 4-DIMMs available.

    The manufacturer is Foxconn and the type is P43AP,
    Detail Information is in here.
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