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can i upgrade my processor which is a T2060 Intel, to something better, that processors is defective now, so got no choice to change it, prefer to upgrade if possible,
Any solution ? Goes on a LG Laptop P1 Express Dual
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  1. What are the symptoms of the defective cpu? They rarely fail, maybe one in a thousand.
  2. runs only half is capacity did have someone check it call live pc help or something like that
  3. main problem is when i google it takes so long that i hit the letters for nothings even a cpu test speed says it is a snail cpu
  4. You can disable the eist setting in the bios. Eist is part of Intel's energy saving software. Your slow internet could be something else entirely. You may have to disable page filing or some of windows 7 background programs. I always get slow internet speed during certain times of the day.
  5. Thanks but im sure thats not the problem. the internet itself is ok, but when i want to google for a search for an exemple if i want to meadowlands stadium ... got only the first 2 letters and i have to put back the arrow close to the second letter and start to write again and it type 2 letters again, so and so ,, so for that exemple it tooks 3 minutes just to type meadowlands stadium...
  6. Don't know what virus protection software you use, but microsoft's security essentials is pretty good, if you want to try it. It's a free download, and works with windows xp with service pack 3, vista, and windows 7. You have to uninstall any other virus protection software first before trying a new one. I also have issues with my wireless mouse and keyboard, causing similar symptoms to yours. My mouse has a limited range of less then 3 feet. If I move it closer to the usb optical receiver, it works better.
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