Best cadd mother boards and processor 2012

looking for a reasonable priced mother board and processor quad for doing 3d arch drawings, just not sure which way to go
Help :o
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  1. What do you consider reasonable?

    For < $1000 You can get an SB-E LGA2011 XEON and Asus MB.

    For the motherboard. You only need to populate one of the CPU slots and it opens up the ability to add a second one down the road if wanted / needed.

    And one of these
    Which is a 6-core solid WS processor. A second can be added as well.

    So, that is the high end version that is still cheap.

    However, you can always go with a normal Desktop Motherboard and CPU if you don't want the Server / workstation grade components (and the price they command)

  2. It is likely that any motherboard will work fine, because CAD might be more limited by the GPU. Many CAD programs are somewhat intentionally limited on "consumer" graphics cards, and needs high-end Quadro or FireGL cards to do nice things like anti-aliased lines.
    I'd spend maybe $500 on the mobo + CPU + PSU + RAM, and another $500 on the graphics card. Try to get the best graphics card that you can afford on the "recommended cards list" for your CAD software. And sometimes, those lists are not updated often enough, so they'll recommend old cards, where the newer, updated version of the card is usually better for less money, so consider that too :-/
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