Water Cooling a Cm Storm Trooper

Title says it all. Just bought my new case today the Cooler Master Storm Trooper. So far love it (granted I havent gotten my new board cpu etc till next week or 2 weeks from now) But before I buy all the fun goodies I wanted some suggestions about what water cooling things I should buy. I havent done water cooling in many years and with this massive case its time to go big or go home.


CM Storm Trooper
Intel i7 2600k (duh)
MB: Im guessing a sabertooth unless someone has a better idea.
8GB of Corsair vengence 9-9-9-24 (yeah skimping on the ram oh well)
Corsair 850watt PSU
Video cards (currently my 9800 GTX+ until the 7950's come out and will use 2 of those.

Would like an idea on what I would look for for a CPU only and a dual video card setup. (obviously the water blocks for the 7950's arn't out yet since the card isnt out yet)
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  1. Almost forgot would like to have my CPU overclocked to 5 ghz (that part I know how to do but just keep in mind as far as what the cooling setup will need to keep up with)
  2. How about an EK h30 kit or an xspc kit
  3. danger dan sells good kits that are highly rated, new setups can be fairly expensive, but having seen it in action, they do some serious work.
  4. Hey, Since you have that case in person, mind answering a few quick questions..

    How much space is in the bottom for a 240mm radiator.. Do you think I could mount 2 120 fans, then a 360 mm radiator, with 1 120 part hanging off in push pull?

    It would look like: x= fans _ = 360 rad
    x x x
    __ __ __

    x x

    Thanks! And good luck on your build~ I'll be following it closely :)
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