Could my motherboard run 2.1 PCI E graphic cards?

I have an HP a6130n Computer with a ECS MCP61PM-HM (Nettle2-GL8E) motherboard. I was gonna buy a Sapphire 4650 HDMI card which only has 2.0 which I know already works since my current card is 2.0. However people are recommending I go with a higher card. I'm gonna buy a higher PSU so no problems there its just that I don't know if 2.1 will work with my computer.
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  1. I am pretty sure a am2 motherboard has a 2.0 pci-e slot
  2. Well on a previous thread I was told my motherboard was a 1.0a.
  3. PCI Express 1.0a - base specification introduced in July 22, 2002

    PCI Express 1.1 - base specification introduced in March 28, 2005

    PCI Express 2.0 - base specification introduced on January 15, 2007. First PCIe 2.0 capable chipset motherboards appear on the market on October 21, 2007.

    The nForce4 chipset, of which the nForce 430 is part of, was released in October, 2004 and implements PCI Express 1.0a.

    The release date of the HP Pavilion a6130n was 6.5 years ago. That's well before the PCI Express base specification 2.0 was introduced. The HP Pavilion a6130n's motherboard uses the nForce 430 chipset.
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