Windoes 7 instability!!

Hi guys an urgent matter!

I had been delaying many updates from Windows 7 for so long and today decided to finally just let it go and do its thing and update, including SP1. But now many of my games in steam refuse to work!! and atleast 1 program I use DxTory doesnt work even after I re-installed it! I haven't tried any other progs yet bu atleast half my library of games in steam now do not work at all (Witcher 2, FarCry2, Tomb Raider just to name a few)...

Are there any known problems with any of the Windows updates???

PLease help!!
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  1. You should really have updated the PC as it was required. On normal install it is generally considered best to install the OS and then all the required Service packs and updates before installing drivers and applications. It is likely you destabilised the PC by updating a configuration on a large level with your applications already installed.

    If I was you I would reinstall and start from scratch. In future just do the updates as they are needed.
  2. Is this a legit version of windows? You make it sound like you didnt update because it wasnt a legit copy. A lot of pirated releases have issues with updates which is why its best to pay for a full version.
  3. No no no... Its 100% legit copy of windows 7.
  4. However it was a gig of updates...
  5. Maybe you can try to use "compatible mode" to run this program. If it still can not run, that means this program is not so good.
  6. I tried that, i feel that the issue is bigger then running programs in compatibility mode. like something has changed for the worse from windows updating so much all at once. I'm re-downloading a game, if it still does not fix the issue im not sure what else I can do except re-install windows
  7. Get the latest version, since u update to sp1, they may have new version out.

    Try that.
  8. Also, if u update to sp1, why not do a clean install, so things are running smooth as ever? That's what I would do.

    But I understand about your game re-installs : )
  9. And when u install the W7 and updating to the Sp1, u don't have to run updates when updating to Sp1, do that after, since the Sp1 have all the updates in it already implemented.
  10. what do u mean i dont have to run updates when i have sp1? i dont follow
  11. XGLX said:
    what do u mean i dont have to run updates when i have sp1? i dont follow

    I didn't said that!

    I said when u are updating to the Sp1 u don't have to do that, because the SP1 will have them in the install pack.
  12. So when u have SP1 installed and u look for the updates, u can be assured that there will not be any update available, that u have seen before SP1 was installed.

    That means, the SP1 would take care of them, right?
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