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I bought a 4890 and I dont think my psu has all the connectors that i need. The XFX 4890 need 6pin and an 8pin . I unfortanately only have 2x6pin and a 4pin available which cant work. Can I buy any adapters ? If not, whats a good 40$ psu that definitely has these cables. Switching psu is a last resort!!!! ... my psu & case.
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  1. that PSU is pretty generic and may power your card with an adapter but probably not for long

    this one is $40 out the door plus $5 MIR for $35 and is based on a great platform. it also has a 6+2 & 6 power connectors so you are set there also. The sale won't last long so hurry
  2. Can you send me a link to an adapter ? Plus I wanted something like 580W if anything, just for future references.
  3. that PSU has as much power on its 12v rail (powers your CPU, HDD, GPU) as most 600w units. it does not lack power.

    you may be able to get away without using the adapter but here is link to what one looks like
  4. Do they sell the adapter at bestbuy, frys, walmart ? Whats a good psu brand for future references ? I want to buy one in 6months. & whats a good cheap brand ?
  5. your best bet for an adapter would be an online store (newegg, tigerdirect, etc.,) or a microcenter

    good & cheap rarely go hand and hand. here are some solid budget brands and series, brands will have PSU to cover the full spectrum of budgets so just don't buy a PSU because of the brand name only. Check the series too.

    corsair CX version 2
    antec neo eco
    Antec earthwatt
    OCZ modstream
    OCZ ZS
    Rosewill Hive
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