ASUS P6X58D-E CPU Voltage Control: Manual x Offset

Hi all,

I got this P6X58D-E mobo, but I am not familiar with all its functions.

I turned AI Tweak to Manual, to allow to set the memory frequency to 1333MHz (They are 1600MHZ standard), so I can place 6 sticks of 2GB, making it 12GB RAM.

Then in CPU Voltage Control it gives 2 options: Manual x Offset.

Which one should I set for 12GB RAM?
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    I have the p6x58d Premium. I have 12 gigs of mixed ram (timings very close to each other) and I have it set to xmp profile and it works fine. I don't overclock though. 6 x 2gb 7,8,7,20 at xmp half Kingston half Corsair.

  2. Intel recommends caution when populating all the slots, and/or with 12GB RAM on a X58 platform. XMP is to be used with 6GB only, otherwise the integrated memory controller may not handle the extra load. That´s why I always downclock the ram frequency with 12GB. You should do the same.
  3. well I am running fine so won't change anything at this moment.

  4. I set it to offset, and solved it by myself.

    Thank you for your reply anyway.
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