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I have a Intel Core2Quad 6600 running at 2.33~2.34GHz and it is at 19C wavering to 22C with the voltages of
CPU Core 1.136V or 1.152V it kept on changeing when i was looking in the BIOS
+1.1V 1.136V
+3.30 3.360V
+5.00 5.134V
+12.00 12.096V
+5VSB 5.134V

firstly is that normal for a auto configured CPU BIOS setup? and am i running hot for the speed which i am running out. The temps are taken directly from the BIOS so there is basically no load on it at that time but it use to have a overheating issue before i cleaned its fan and heatsink and now it just shuts off once per 3 72 hours uptime. so i am wondering is my CPU running hot or is it something in the software making this happen? with that i am also wondering if my settings could be underclocked to save energy but without really losing any performance?
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  1. As you can see from the specs for that processor...
    ... those are normal core voltages. And, yes it's normal for it to fluctuate. Your temps are actually quite cool... even at idle. If the system shuts down by itself, it could be a power supply problem. Or a too powerfull graphics card for the power supply.
  2. how do i find out my CPU temps at load?
  3. Run Prime 95 and watch the temps with Core temp.
  4. Also by this program i have a Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 ( Yorkfield-4M ) in the computer and not the Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 as printed it has on the side of the computer so idk what i have inside of it just i know it has 4 cores and here are the temps.
    under only 1%-20% load since it is fluxurateing so fast they are at
    Core # min / max
    Core #0 39C / 39C
    Core #1 38C / 38C
    Core #2 39C / 39C
    Core #3 33C / 37C

    under 80%-100% load it is

    Core # min / max
    Core #0 39C / 44C
    Core #1 38C / 42C
    Core #2 39C / 44C
    Core #3 33C / 43C

    at ussual load of 50% - 70% it is at

    Core # min / max
    Core #0 44C
    Core #1 40C
    Core #2 43C
    Core #3 40C
  5. Did you buy that computer 2nd hand? Used? What pgm are you getting the temp and CPU model infor from?
  6. Use Cpu-z to get correct Cpu model. Get it here www.cpuid.com
  7. it is second hand and what is pgm ?
    the CPU model info is from Core Temp 1.0
    CPU-Z agrees iwth it being a Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 CPU running at at 1999.8MHz, 2000.2MHz or 2333.3 and it is fluxurating between those 3 speeds at the Core Voltage of 1.136V by CPU-Z
    with all of this it also takes like 30+ minutes to cool off when it gets to heat inside and i am unsure of which part is getting to hot right now anyways but the CPU seems the most likely as when i open it up the only component staying that hot is the CPU heatsink and CPU fan attached to it.
  8. From the numbers you quote, I see nothing wrong with the CPU, cooling, or ventilation. And the processor is apparently a Q8200, so the original owner must have upgraded it to the better CPU.
    What graphics card are you running?
    What is the make and size of your power supply? And is it bottom or top mounted in the case?
    What make and model motherboard do you have?

    Btw, now that we know you have a Q8200 instead of a Q6600... here's the specs on it:
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