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Upgrade 4gb to 8gb won't boot


Could someone please help me to get my new ram to work? :)

I wanted to replace my 4gb stick with an 8gb. It has everything the same as the old ram stick that works, except it's a different brand and 8gb. It will detect the ram, but I can't get past the boot screen. I have the latest bios version, 17.9 and the motherboard says that it can take 16gb, one 8gb in the two slots.

This is my motherboard 760GM-P21 (FX):

This is the new ram:

This is the old ram that I am replacing:

Thank you for your help.

Kate :)
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    turn off quickboot
  2. Hi,

    first try to boot only with one ram stick to see if not one of them is defective. At the same time look for dust in ram slots and take it out if any.

    Then check timing in voltage in bios to see that it's all ok

    Then try a clear cmos .
  3. This memory isn't on the supported list. It may work, but here's the list.
  4. jlr860 said:
    turn off quickboot

    Thank you! This worked, it booted up and now I have 16gb of ram. :)
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  6. kaitlynh1988 said:
    Thank you! This worked, it booted up and now I have 16gb of ram. :)

    Forgot to mention feel free to turn it back on after the first successful boot the bios should now be adjusted to seeing the new ram.
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