New Self-Build PC wont start. Power cycling.

Hello guys,

Today I got parts for my first self-build pc.


OCZ ModXStream Pro 500W ATX22
Aerocool X-Warrior Black Edt. bk ATX
LG GH24NS 24x SA bk B
SSD 60GB 495/555 ForceGT 25nm SA3 CORSAIR
MSI Z68A-G43 (G3) Z68 RG SA
D3 8GB 1600-999 Vengeance K2 CORSAIR

plus my old gtx550ti

I put all the parts together, but now I have a problem. If I start the pc, LED´s are going on and all the fans are working properly. After some seconds though, it shuts itself down and repeats the cycle. No Mainboard beepsound, no visual statement on the Monitor - nothing. After I use the switch at the back of the PSU, the LED´s and fans go on for a sec and then stop.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Hey can you go through the trouble shooting guide and let us know what you find (link below). Does your motherboard have a speaker?

  2. the problem is your bios is not recognizing the ivy bridge cpu and won't until you update it.
  3. Thats doesnt sound good. I dont have a sandy bridge cpu to boot it up therefore im going to return it and get a IB ready Mainboard. I also checked the troubleshooting link before I posted...everything seems fine.
  4. I sent it back and ordered an ASROCK Z77 Extreme4.
  5. nice board. sorry it ended up costing you a few extra bucks.

    you will be good with that.
  6. Thanks looniam for the quick clarification.

  7. Thanks looniam for the quick clarification.

    Need to give Looniam a best answer!

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