Seasonic SS-600ET or OCZ ZS 650w?

Hello, I need your help on a very important decision. I realized that my computer was getting very loud and hot because of the old PSU I have. It was an old PSU that I have taken out of an old computer and put it into a new build and it is getting overwhelmed, so I narrowed down my choices for a new PSU to the Seasonic SS-600ET or the OCZ ZS 650w.

The problem is that I have heard that Seasonic is a very good brand, yet I cannot find any reviews on this model. Does anyone have this PSU and has any problems with it?

Recommendations for other PSUs are welcome, but just try and keep the price under $100 :D
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  1. What country do you shop in?
  2. I shop in Canada.
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    The SeaSonic SS-600ET Active PFC is an OEM power supply and is sold to system integrators in lots of ten.

    It's based on exactly the same platform as the SeaSonic S12II Bronze Series and has the same internal components. The SS-600ET Active PFC shows its OEM intentions by not having any sleeved cables.

    The OCZ ZS Series 650W (OCZ-ZS650W) is a retail unit made by Sirtec. Hardware Secrets gives it a good review.
  4. Of the two, I would choose the Seasonic.
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