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Got an rma antec 850 watt ps, buzzing sound

hey guys, i just got an rma for my powersupply, its a antec 850 watt ps, hcp 80+ gold rated ps, first one was doing the same electronic buzzing sound, and now the rma new one does the same, how bad is this buzzing humming sound, and if it goes whats the dmg gonna be like, i already paid 30$ shipping ffs, i dont wanna repay it again

need advice thanks
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  1. I would try remounting the ps. I had a terrible noise from one 120mm vertical fan until I loosened all four screws and moved it slightly until the noise stopped. The noise you are experiencing is probably a capacitor inside the ps. It's not a sign of failure, just normal for some ps. If you're not rich, I would run it that way. Use the antec warranty if needed. Some are 5 years. Antec is a good company; they used to send me a free part for my super lanboy case. I just emailed them with the request, and they mailed the part at no charge. Any rattling sound should be investigated, in case it's a wire touching the fan, but mild buzzing is normal for some units.
  2. ok thank you, because the temps seem real natural, and no overheating, hmm i gotta pay shipping since im in canada, and antec canadian third party i guess u could call, support is memofix, u pay like 20$ shipping each time, :P
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    The noise description points more towards coil whine than anything to do with capacitors.

    Some PSU manufacturers will apply a dab of hot-melt glue or silicone caulking to the coils to prevent the ferrite core from vibrating.

    Coil whine won't damage the PSU, it's just annoying. I consider it a manufacturing defect.

    The coil whine problem is well known with the Antec HCP-850.
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