Best graphics card for intel duel core processor

hey please can u suggest me for buying a graphics card for my pc with system requirement....
intel duel core processor,1.8ghz,1gb of RAM.initially with 32mb graphics card.......thank you :)
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  1. Radeon 4850?,1812.html

    Any system with 1gb of RAM and a 1.8GHz cpu is going to be fairly 'taxed' with modern/recent games...
  2. A Radeon 5670 would be the best match for your system

    Even with that GPU in most games you play your CPU is going to be the limiting factor. If you overclock your CPU (and I mean to at least 3.0Ghz) then a more powerful 5770/6770 or GTS 450/550 Ti would be a better match.
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