AMD 955 BE with 6950 2GB,bottleneck?

I'm purchasing a AMD 955 BE CPU as well as Radeon HD 6950 2GB,so I want know that does CPU bottleenck the GPU or everything just run perfectly?
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  1. Whats your native resolution?
  2. 1680 * 1050
  3. at 1680x1050 perhaps slightly. what games are specifically noticing low performance?,2833-20.html

    notice the the max difference in that particular set of games like 2-3%, the X4 970 being comparable to your processor with a 200 mhz difference in clock speed, CPU is not the end all for gaming in the vast majority of games.
  4. and If I overclock?does it gonna bottleneck?
  5. I think not.
  6. >try a game, use 1680x1050.
    >try with 1400x900 or 1360x768 (anything lower)
    >Notice fps increase (cpu not yet a bottleneck)
    >Notice fps not increase (cpu bottleneck)
  7. Overclock it to 3.6GHZ. Beyond 3.6 the X4s dont seem to show any performance increase.
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