New build for a 32 inch tv with 1920*1080

yes i got a budget of 450.00 to 600.00 for a build..already have the case and hard drive...going to use a 32inch tv with pc res of 1920x1080..

any sugestions main use games,web,movies,some lite multi threaded work..

please help :bounce:
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  1. amd or intel?
  2. any im useing amd now so whatever
  3. no one got any ideas ??
  4. 1080p gameplay will be dependant on your graphics card more than your CPU. So, my advice is to build around that: 955 BE or 960T AMD CPU (960T can unlock to 6 cores if you are lucky and 955 BE overclocks well). The 4 AMD cores provide good price for performance as well.

    corsair TX 750 ~ 95
    corsair 8 GB DDR3 ~ 45
    GIGABYTE GA-970A-UD3 ~ 115
    960T (Zosma) ~ 110 OR 955 BE ~ 110
    HD 6950 ~ 265 (Sapphire Flex priced) OR HD 6870 ~ 179

    total cost to you: 630 for HD 6950 setup OR 544 for HD 6870 setup

    keep in mind to OC you will need a good aftermarket heatsink and that will run you 30 dollars

    another notation: the power supply cost is post-rebate sorry, so that adds 10 dollars to the could drop it to a 650W safely, but I prefer the headroom for future upgrades and safety in overclocking. Gigabyte board is also an AM3+ socket, so if you find yourself CPU limited in the near future you can upgrade to piledriver if it delivers :)
  5. thanks i was wondering if anyone was gonna reply good advice
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