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Before i get started i want to thank those of you reading this right now and let you know that all response are very much appreciated...

I need Help putting together both a Computer station that can be used for both gaming and working, I'm gonna be graduating from high school come June and I wanna have a great computer setup before I begin College. I'm getting a job at either Target or Walmart come January, my school hooked me up with their training program which pays minimum til then. I can use just about everything I make between now and August to splurge on this

I need Suggestions for pretty much everything:

Case: Space is not an issue so thin is not what I'm looking for. Color doesn't necessarily matter since I'm willing to have it painted. Front usb hubs I'd like 4 or more, In a perfect world it could fit all of the components below and still have room to spare

Motherboard: I'm looking for something with plenty of room for accessories of the pci variety at least 4 slots for ram(I'm thinking four 4gb ddr3) (The higher the CPU the better)

Ram: I kinda already found a good deal: if you know of anything better, let me know

Graphics Card: I know these can get really expensive and I'm not looking to get the very best GCs that are over $1500, just something that can handle all the latest games with some leeway for future games. I don't want to run into a game my GC can't handle for a good while so the higher the GPU the better.

HDD:2 at least(one as my primary and one to back it up on once a week. I'm thinking 2TB, do I need more then that?)

CD/DVD drives:2 CD/DVD writable, I need at least 1 that supports blu ray.

Power Supply: I'm gonna want something that'll be able to handle everything I hook up to it and then some...

Monitors: I'm looking to get the best 1080p HD 27”(at least) LED monitor (Price range $250 - $350) from a quality manufacturer such as Dell, HP, Viewsonic, ASUS, Acer, you get the point.

Webcam: already found one:

Headsets:2 I need 1 that's wired with a long cord (my current headset is 6.5 feet and it's killing me), for when I'm at my desk, and one thats wireless for when I'm whereva I already found a good wireless one:

I've already decided what keyboard and mouse I will get


If you know of better deals than any of the things I've already been recommended, feel free to let me know
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  1. Prices have dropped for the LGA1155 CPUs from earlier this year so you can get an Intel 2500k for a good price if you look around. There are plenty of 1155 motherboards out there, my asrock is just fine and was cheaper at the time than Asus or Gigabyte etc.
    For graphics, some new stuff coming out pre Christmas so current stuff should drop a bit. There's a new version of the gtx560ti coming out on November 24 for example.
    But get a decent power supply. Don't skimp on that. At least get something with 80 standard, preferably bronze or silver. 650W is enough for a single gpu or more if you'll sli or overclock.
  2. I meant get more than 650 if you plan to sli or overclock. A quality 750W should be ok.
  3. Hi and welcome to Tom's!
    Best to fill out a build template and post in the Systems section.
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