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Combo confusion

Last response: in Systems
August 18, 2011 5:26:34 AM

which combo should i go with i a very very limited gaming budget here i googled and found out the following were in my budget :
CPU : core i3 2100
CABINET: CoolerMaster 310 ELITE
GRAPHIC CARD : hd 5670 GDDR5 512
(i already have a HDD and 2 Gb ram)


CPU : PHENOM II X2 555 BE or 565 BE
RAM : Corsair 4GB DDR3 1333Mhz
CABINET : CoolerMaster 310 ELITE

i use pc for casual gaming for games like crysis warhead, crysis 2, COD4, COD BLACK OPS,Assassin's Creed Brotherhood at high settings and at max 1280X1024

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August 18, 2011 5:43:27 AM

Casual? Hate to bust a bubble but thats not very high settings for crysis... Gonna need to fork over some more $$$ to get to max/high setting
August 18, 2011 5:44:26 AM

What is your budget and whats the cost of each of those combo's?
we can possibly get better performance from a system if we know your cash limits :) 
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August 18, 2011 5:44:51 AM

Yeah...more info please
August 18, 2011 5:47:12 AM

I am guessing you will be running Windows7, the AMD system seems to be the better choice.

also with a little luck you also might be able to unlock the other two cores of the CPU to make it a 4x; however, there is NO guaranty that it will work. Research AMD core unlocking.
August 18, 2011 7:34:18 AM

Thing is, if Op's budget allows him to buy say a 955, then I'd rather buy him a 955 than hope I could unlock a dualcore/triple chip,
but as for the core unlocking, any board with a sb710 or higher chipset will allow him to try, I have an AsRock plate myself, cheaper and as effective on a budget
August 18, 2011 2:12:18 PM

In addition, the AMD build can come with a GTS450? Much better gaming card then the 5670.
August 18, 2011 3:45:43 PM

Do you have a PSU? If yes which one? And all you need is Case, CPU, Motherboard, RAM and GPU?

August 18, 2011 6:28:58 PM

i have a 550w psu and a 500 gb hdd with 2 GB ddr3 133mhz corsair ram and i changed my mind and have this
Intel core i3
Asus P8H61-M LE B3
HD 5670 GDDR5 512 or 1 GB
a zebronics bijli cabinet
guy the matter is newegg cant ship thing to india and in India u get the same thing but a bit more costly so hwat costs $80 there might cost $130 over here :(  and i have a budget of rs.14000(INR) or we can say $320 at max :( 
August 18, 2011 6:36:57 PM

dude i have a very very very limited budget and i know its not for gaming but m trying to fit as much as i can in it
here are the cost of the components
Intel Core i3 2100 Rs.5500 or $122.22 (USD)
Asus P8H61-M LE B3 Rs. 3200 or $71.11(USD)
HD 5670 GDDR5 512 or 1 GB 3500($77.76) and 4800($106.66) respectively
a zebronics bijli cabinet for a 1000 buck or $22.22
total Rs.14500 or $322