Which GTX 570 should i buy ?


I've been reading about 580/570 and decided that 570 is better for my needs.

Any way, i went to the local pc market and they had few different branchs.

1. Gigabyte factory Overclocked GTX 570 (most Expensive)
2. Palit factory Overclocked GTX 570 (Least Expensive)
3. Zotac GTX 570 (Not OC'd) (More expensive than Palit)
4. Point of view GTX 570 (Not OC'd) (More expensive than Palit)

I dont intend to overclock by my self and am searching for the best 570 i can get at the moment.

What do you recommend ?

Current Rig:
Mobo: GA-P55-UD3L
Cpu: i5 760
PSU: 750watts Silver Stone
Ram: x2 DDR3 4.0gb/1600 Kingston
OS: Windows 7 64bit

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  1. The Gigabyte is a great option and offers the longest warranty period (3yr vs 2yr for the others).
  2. What is the price difference between these cards? If you're talking about a substantial difference between the Gigabyte and Palit cards, it may not be worth it.

    If the clocks are similar you should expect similar performance. Ask yourself if the difference in warranties is worth the money to you. Do you plan on keeping the card longer than two years?

    Also, make sure to take a look at cards online. I've noticed that even at large brick and mortar stores like Fry's Electronics or Microcenter Graphics Cards tend to be quite a bit more expensive than what I've seen at newegg etc (not sure if you're in the US or not). Just take a look at what's out there- could result in substantial savings!
  3. the price differance between the palit and gigabyte is 50$ and i dont plan on keeping it more than 1 years.

    guess i should go with the palit one then ?
  4. As long as the OEMs keep to the reference design you are esentially buying the same card. The major difference is in their cooling designs. The Gigabyte is factory OD'c, but this is no big whoop as anyone can OC a GPU with MSI Afterburner software. Just be sure you have the card properly cooled.

    Palit had issues in the past with their QC, but they may have resolved their QC.

    If you are price sensitive I'd suggest an alternative: a GTX 480 like this one:

    It is an older model with the the same amount of processors, more band width and more memory. I modded out the GTX 470 with the comparable Zalman cooler that Zotac uses on the GTX 480 and it runs 20-30 C cooler than the reference models.

    If you want to compare the GTX 570 to the GTX 480 check out this:
  5. Rather am thinking about adding 50$ above the Gigabyte oc'd gtx 570 price and buying Point Of view GTX 580. for some reason its not much more expensive than 570 gigabyte oc'd.

    Is this "point of view gtx 580" any good ? i wonder why its cheaper than all the other branches of GTX 580 by almost 100$ at our local computer market.
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