1 high end gpu or 2 medium level gpu's

Hey everyone, jus looking for some good solid advice,and this is BY FAR the best place to go for advice....Here are my specs: Cooler Master HAF 912 case, intel extreme DP55KG mobo, intel i5-760, 2x4 Patriot Sector 5 G series RAM, 1 60G Samsung SSD Boot Drive, 2 Samsung HD502HJ 500G hard drives in raid 0, Samsung Blu-Ray Drive, 3 x Dell 23'' 1080p monitors, Xion 800watt PSU, Cooler Master Hyper 212 plus, Windows 7 64 home premium, and all Cooler Master fans....I understand that my mobo has 1 pci-e x16 and 1 pci-e x8 effectively making them both pci-e x8 and from what i understand it shouldnt be that bad of a drop in performance, all though not ideal, but not an absolute no-go! So my question is...should i sell both of my MSI GeForce GTX 550ti's in SLI for a 570? (if i can) and then hope and pray to try and get another 570 someday? So basically 2 x 550ti's or 1 570ti? (with the possibility of a second card in the distant future) 3 monitor setup is a must, since i have all 3 of the same monitors allready...or is it all kind of a waste with the mobo and components i have to go for that high in the GPU range? Any / all info is / will be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you!
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  1. ok....and you think my mobo and other components will hold up? Would it be a waste to get a second 570 without having two pci-ex16 slots? just 1 x16 and 1x8 = 2x8
  2. Agreed. SLI/CF just leaves to much up for chance on the scaling side. I always go for the second best gaming-tier card on the market and call it a day [in this case, a GTX 570, previously a 4890, etc]
  3. and will 1 570 support 3 Dell 23" 1080p monitors in span? Sorry, thx again!
  4. i apologize , i should have been more clear...i have 3 monitors and would like to use them in a 3 monitor gaming setup that would effectively equal 1 screen...and is the rest of my system "up to par" with 2 GTX 570's?
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  6. Ok, thank you...couldnt have asked for better answers than yours...you rock!
  7. you would have to tell me how to find that out....
  8. WOW! seriously no joke.... thanx bro! Much appreciated!!!....First computer build ever for me and it booted up on the very first shot! w/ no problems...only thing i have no clue about is how to configure raid 0 for both my 500g H.D.'s but thats a whole nother ball game.
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