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Hi guys! I'm new here and I would like to ask a cpu upgrade question for my LGA-775 motherboard. I have an Asus P5Q motherboard and my CPU is currently an Intel Core 2 Duo E6300. Would an Intel Pentium Dual-Core E6600 be an OK upgrade? The pc is currently being used by my mom for MS Office stuff... and occasionally when my brother comes home he uses it to play games.

If you want to know my full specs this is it....
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 (1.87 Ghz 2mb Cache)
PSU: Seasonic X 560W
GPU: EVGA GTX 550 ti
RAM: generic Kingston 4x2GB ddr2-800
Motherboard: Asus P5Q

Currently gaming at 1600 x 900 resolution....

Also, if anyone tells me to buy a new PC, I already did. I just wanted to save my old PC because this PC was the very first PC built when I got my first ever salary. This old guys has sentimental values. Plus, I don't want my mom to use my new PC
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  1. A couple of good options for the 775
    core2quad CPU
    core2duo 3GHz+
    which will double your performance. They are hard to find.
    I would not get a pentium dual core.

    Bare in mind that no matter what you upgrade to, all these options are outdated already and the really new games will take strain.
  2. I don't plan on putting heavy games on that PC. Those choices are rather hard to find... the only CPU available for 775 are only the new pentium dual core... I'm forced to choose between them... I also don't have the luxury of online ordering... My country sucks... I don't have Amazon or Newegg...
  3. so like if I would upgrade to the pentium dual core... would it offer me a noticeable performance boost?
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    The new E6600 Wolfdale would be a "not bad" upgrade for two reasons:
    1. It is a substantial improvement - just about double.
    2. It is relatively inexpensive (under $100).

    That is about my limit for upgrading an old system.
  5. Thanks jsc!
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