i have a core i7-2600k which i moved over to a new asus board.
the problem is i had trouble seating the fan (stock) properly although i am confident its ok the cpu temperature is not what i like it to be. sometimes its 45c and sometimes its 50c-52c (CELCIUS).

i have a spare LGA775 stock fan (NEW). will that work for the core i7? it looks exactly the same...
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  1. Every board has different temp readings. Yours are well within Intel's specs. You don't have to worry unless the cpu temp reaches 72.6c according to an Intel rep. He may respond to this post later. I recommend you leave your heatsink alone. It's fine. My old i3 530 ran warmer than your i7.
  2. Socket 1155 and 775 are fairly close but I believe there is a very tiny difference in spacing. If you look at the ASRock Extreme3 Gen3 on newegg, you'll see that there are two sets of holes. One for 1155/1156 and the other for 775. They rotated them so the holes wouldn't be on top of each other, and the 775 appear to be slightly closer to the CPU.

    anyways, what the other guys said :D
  3. Since you paid a few ££ for an i7-2600K, dump the stock heatsink and fan and spend £20 on a Hyper212+.

    Uses a proper backplate and screw in type connection and will kepp your cpu much cooler while using less rpm on the fan.

    Plus as your a K users, will give you better headroom for an overclock.
  4. Thanks o1die, what they said but if you are going to overclock take a look at getting a good 3rd party HSF (heatsink/fan) and that should help deal with the increase temperatures.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  5. thanks all for the quick response.

    now that i think about it i do remember back in my oveclocking days asus vs gigabyte always showed different temperatures for the cpu.

    i guess my error with the stock fan was when i removed it from the gigabyte i forgot to turn to "Clockwise" to lock and powered it on. immediately the asus board sky-rocketed to +118F. so i shut it down and fastened the four push thingies on the fan.
    its now stable and ok.

    as far as getting a decent fan, i am in search here in baghdad things like that are sort of limited so we'll see.

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