CPU Upgrade problem HP Compaq SG3-110UK

Hello, I've bought an AMD Phenom II X4 975 3.66Ghz quad core processor to upgrade my PC as the HP website said the motherboard supports this, only to get a 'unsupported CPU' message when the system attempts to boot (it doesn't getbeyond this). Will a BIOS update correct this? Thanks.
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  1. Did you check with HP if that processor is supported? It's a 125W processor and the PSU only is 180W. The motherboard might only support 95W processors.
  2. He's right, HP's site does indeed state this supports PiiX4 9series deneb processors all of which are 125w parts... I don't see a bios update available either so I'd be getting HP to pony up with some answers. LoL
  3. The 945 and the 955 are available in 95W and 125W versions.

    900e, 905e, 910e - 65W
    910, 925 - 95W

    That represents several processors that are part of the Deneb familiy.
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