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Anybody suggest a powerful enough lap top to accomodate Sibelius or finale?
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  1. What is your budget? And, where do you prefer to make purchases?
  2. How much do I need? Can you suggest possibly a lap top model that can accommodate the Sibelius program from a reputable supplier or manufacturer? I appreciate your input. I am constantly writing and need something other than a road pad and a tape recorder. Thanks
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    According to the Sibelius website, the system requirements aren't all that demanding by today's standards. Info can be found here:

    That being said, just about any dual core or better rig will do the trick. If I were making this purchase, I would consider one of these:

    Very capable machine. 4 cores. 4 GB memory and a large HDD. HP makes pretty good stuff. If this is too expensive, give me a budget and I'll point you to another system.
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