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Hi, i purchased a brand new Toshiba P750 laptop last month. I installed Core Temp to check my cpu temperature etc. According to Core Temp, when i play games and have my Nvidia GeForce540m graphics card running my temps get up to 96 degrees Celsius!

Here's where im baffled. I recently blew air into the side of my computer to clear some possible dust (although there shouldn't be it's brand new), after blowing air on the fan/heatsink several times, i restarted the computer. I went on with my usual routine, however after running my game for an hour or so, i noticed the usual heat build up wasn't present, i mean the physical case of the laptop wasn't as warm as usual. Enough that i noticed, I then turned on Core Temp only to find all four cores were running at 20 degrees cooler! from the 90's down to the 70's. I was pretty shocked. The only thing i have done different is blow inside the fan/heatsink. Since then (2 days ago) it has never run this cool since purchasing it, it always ran in the 90's when on full load. What could i have possibly done? I thought at first it may be a false reading, but the physical temperature of the laptop itself is noticeably cooler. Is it possible a fan had been stuck, and not spinning since factory? I dont get it.

Any info or comments would be great Thanks.
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  1. When my computer had this problem I did the same thing -cleaning the fan and case. If your work space was dusty the laptop could have sucked in a lot of dust within a short amount of time. The fan may have also had a piece of packing material or a piece of debris from the factory. Even a tiny piece of Styrofoam can stop a fan.
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