Which one is better i3 or dual core

Hi there

Just a quick question

which one is better i3 or dual core
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  1. the i3 is dual core
  2. i3 is also a dual-core cpu but it's too better than other dual-cores cpu's because of latest use of 32nm (nanometer) where the old dual core is 45nm.i3 has 4 threads which is helps in most application's and normal dual core has only 2 threads.i3 has 2 cores but these two cores are double time faster than normal dual core.

    I3 2100 can beat e8600
  3. fazzyb said:
    Hi there

    Just a quick question

    which one is better i3 or dual core

    On the Intel w/s you can compare any CPUs. To fully understand CPU is a life time experience, just look at the architecture of most basic microprocessor and you will know what I’m on about. The fact that one has x threads and the other has y threads it does not mean that it will perform better.
  4. "Dual core" is a generic term for any processor that has two cores. There are even cellphones with dual core processors.

    Perhap you meant to refer to Intel's Core Duo mobile CPUs or the more recent Core 2 Duo CPUs.
  5. i3 and dual core both have 2 cores

    in dual core there is not ht that is 1 thread on 1 core total 2 threads on 2 cores

    in i3 it has also 2 cores but with ht which means that 2 threads on 1 core in total 4 threads on 2 cores

    i3 is way better then dual core
  6. e8600 is core 2 duo processor with 2 cores(it is also dual core)
  7. I3 is the fastest dual core available currently. So any other dual core you got pitched against it will end up second. Hope that answers your question
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