Thermaltake vs. Antec

So I saw two(2) great cases that I am looking to buy between the both:


Antec DF-85
I like this, because its roomier for airflow, increased amount of fans with fan speed dial on the back, has a windows for display and the red is gawdy and sexy. I like the Hot swap but only provides for 2.5", downside is, its not tool-free drive bays.

or the:

ThermalTake Chaser Mk-I
This is a nice case, very few but larger case fan with multi led fan color change. provides a smaller window for display, only because the increased fan size on the side panel. Has tool-free drive bays (to prevent scratching with metal tools) and has a 2.5"/3.5" hot swap. Downside is the color that add to it on the trim( blue is my favorite color but looks better on the inside and discrete on the outside). Has better airflow and the base has a filtered grate to increase airflow and sits slightly above the floor.

Someone said that I could buy an external Hot swap for 3.5" but I want to reduce clutter. Anyone have input on this. I was hoping to target a tool-free drive bay and cable clear management with a window, preferable Full tower and in all black.
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  1. You know what you want. There's no point in asking the forums. You know what you want to spend and what features you need. You'll get a dozen different recommendations about cases. I recommend you make your own choice.
  2. +1^
    Buy the case of your dreams, spend more if you have to.

    Tool less means little after you have built, so I see little value in that. It can be a negative if not done well.

    How much do you need to put in a case? If it fits, larger is not necessarily cooler.
  3. I have ThermalTake Level 10GT white.
    For me this case is so~ nice.
    Have dust filter and big and roomy space.
    Even i install ASUS 6950 2GB but there are lots space between end to end and side to side.
    + with Corsair H100 cooling system.
    This case is so nice.
    See for your self~ you will like it~
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