Painting older dingy cases...


I'm having a little trouble with figuring out how to paint these cases the right way...

I've seen all the tutorials on how to make a mirror finish on your case like a hot rod...And I don't want that.

I want to take several older beige cases and do them inside, out and the front panel plastic in a thick matte black.

Functional, simple, clean, I don't need to see my face in it, but I REALLY want the matte look inside and out.

What can I use on the plastic to get that matte look? I figure Enamel Spray cans on the outside and inside, with several thin coats, should do the trick, but the plastic I hear is tricky.

Any help would be appreciated,
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  1. enamel spray paint should do fine.

    You might also consider hitting a gamer hobby shop and picking up some black spray on primer, like that used for plastic models
  2. Damn, I'm confused now lol, has Saint19 got an alt?
    for a good flat matte finish, sand what you can reach,
    not too heavily on the plastic, just enough to key the surface then rattlecans from about 10", light sweeps and give it time to dry well before the next pass,


    it helps if you can disassemble at least a part of the case, drilled rivets (3mm bit) are easily replaced with flathead drive screws, just dont overtighten them :P
    and the more time you take over it, the better,
    a strong longlasting finish takes work and patience :)
    pixx when your done mate, before and after if you can
  3. Christ, that's a nifty looking job on that.

    Pretty much exactly what I'm looking for, no glossy reflections of all the LED lights and components.

    For my budget builds for customers, there won't be anything as extensive as your lighting system.

    No, to answer your question, not an Alt.

    SaintInix, I've used for years, just sometimes shorten it.

    Thanks for the advice and I'll certainly give it a shot and show you guys how it turned out.

  4. The lightbar was just a mod from bits I had in the drawer of Doom, its kinda cool though,
    But yes, kept dust-free a mattblack case is awesomely cleanlooking,
    Look forward to the progress reports :-)
  5. Question, what grit sandpaper did you use?

    Would there be something I could use on both the metal parts and plastic parts?

    I've got two biege cases right now, one very basic, but very functional, and VERY light.

    Then a nifty looking one with some odd plastic on the front, a few more are waiting for me with the local PC scrap guy.

    So, medium grit sandpaper, some enamel spray cans and the time and effort to do a good job doesn't seem hard to me.

    Planning to take a crack at it over the late weekend, early next week...

    Getting all my guts to build two towers on a trade for an IBM eServer 325 with Dual Opty's. Well, plus a sealed XP Pro with manual and some Keys.

    Upgrading my tower, and the kids, with mods to come as I go.
  6. Couldn't tell you the exact grade, its whatever I have in my shed hehe,
    but yes its just a medium sort, not coarse grade, and definately not too fine either
    go easy on plastic as its easy to put a big scratch in if your not careful then it shows through if you dont have enough layers of paint over it,
    practice is the key :)
  7. Matte or satin finish pant

    the plastic needs an etch primer or the paint will flake
  8. Thanks for the replies.

    Haven't had the chance to get to the case modding, been upgrading the parts in the tower...

    I'm going to be getting a Dremel as well, so I can cut what holes I may need, for fans or plexiglas or whatnot.

    Planning to deck mine out with a stylized version of the 'Inix' name I use, cut through the metal, so the LEDs shine through the panel...Mine doesn't have a window, just some vents and a ported fan/exhaust.

    I will update, as soon as I'm done adding new parts to my rig...

    Biostar AM2/AM2+/AM3 board
    Thermaltake 939/AM2/AM3 Phenom cooler
    Sempron 2300x2 @ 2.64Ghz current up from 2.2Ghz (23C/29C Idle, 37C/42C 100% load)
    2x2GB G.Skill DDR2 800 gaming RAM
    500GB SATA 7200 RPM HDD
    XFX 4650 1GB GPU (Stock clocked, gets kinda warm)

    That's with fresh AS5, not burned-in yet...Hoping to hit 20-25 on both cores when it does...

    After I'm stable at a good speed, I'll get on the cases.

    ~Edit~ Do you think the 'Rustoleum' paint...Especially the multi-colored grey or black 'textured' protective paint would look cool for the inside?

    Kinda like the spray-on bed-liners for trucks?

    Even use the tan one for the inside of a case, then do the outside in digital desert camo...Oooooh.
  9. Well, I'm nearly finished with the sanding, and undercoats of Krylon 'Flat' Black.

    It dries in 10 minutes, so multiple quick coats turn out really well.

    I also have the same Krylon Black, but in Satin for my topcoat.

    A few more passes and touchups, then it's on to a coat or two of the Satin.

    I've been taking random pictures throughout the process, not great 'cause it's a crappy cell phone camera, but you'll get the jist.

    Hopefully be able to post today or tomorrow with some pics.

    Including putting my current rig into it...

    BFG 550W included to the list above, although the PSU is a dark broze-ish metallic color, don't know if it will look right, may end up painting that in the future too.
  10. So here we go...My old case...

    Then there's it when it was done being painted...The other case that is...

    Then here's the 'ready to install' case with 4x40mm fans...

    Finally, the semi-finished product...
  11. Looking nicer already man :)
    I'll let you finish then upset you by going over cable management hehe :)
    Turn your hard drive around 180', so the cables feed through from the front of the case, you'll have to either lift or lower it to avoid getting strimmed by your front fans
    You already have plans to drill/dremel holes for modding though so I'll ease off for now,
    window mods can be simple or as complex as you want to make it and textured paint should be fine, mines satin finish but still feels a little rough to the touch, adds to the image I reckon :)
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