Question about basic motherboard functions

I am seeking an answer from an engineering(or veteran PC troubleshooting) perspective:

What are all the reasons a Motherboard may shut off immediately upon start up?(assuming no heat problems/physical damage/faulty connected components)

What functions(or faults if there are no functions to do this) may be provoking this?
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  1. A short could cause it. Are your standoffs in the right place? Are they all being used? If you have a extra standoff touching the back of the mobo, that's a problem if it's a metal standoff.

    Overheating processor caused by incorrectly installed heatsink could also cause it.
  2. Or not putting the right power cables in. I recently done my first build, it was fine but when i started it the fans would spin up and then turn off immediately, i started think what i had done wrong and I'd forgot to put the CPU power plug in. oops.
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