Hit a wall: GPU design impeding choices!

Dont know how to say this, but...

Why the heck are nearly all the video cards out there are based on a top-entry power slots? Are there any video cards in the performance/price bracket (200-260$, meant for 1920x1080 gaming) that are small and are rear-entry based?

I've looked and looked and nearly all the ones I've seen are rather lengthy cards with (deal-breaker) top-entry power slots. Due to massive height restrictions, I cant go farther than the actual height of the expansion slot plate on the back of most cases due to extremely small case dimensions. Basically, I've got less than 275mm length and 110mm height to spare. Only one card I've seen fits the low length requirement, but is rather tall, tall enough that it surpasses the height of the slot plate.

Anyone have suggestions?

EDIT: remeasured, had less than I suspected.
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    Check out this one.
  2. massive thanks. Anyone have an ATI offering? Just keeping options open in case supplies suddenly drop and I need an alternate option.

    EDIT: May need blower-fan styled videocards as well. Just realized that open-air fans like the one above may create excessive heat buildup inside the case due to the small case dimensions. Would help if it were a blower-fan styled card, blows the hot air out the back.
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