Some fast help! Which gfx card/ mobo?

Hi, I currently have the following system waiting to be put together this week, mainly as a gaming system. I don't know if I plan to overclock, and although I'm not looking to run SLI/ Crossfire at the moment,it is quite possible further down the road I think. My Monitor res is 1920*1080.

Processor: i5 2500k

Case: Inwin Dragon Rider

PSU: Cooler Master Silent Pro 850w

RAM: Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz, 8gb

Hard Drive: Samsung 1tb 7200 32mb SATA2

SSD: Kingston 64GB SATA2 Upgrade Kit

DVD Drive: Cheapest they had

Those parts are pretty fixed, I just need to make a choice of graphics card and a motherboard to put it all on. The ones I'm looking at now are:
Graphics Card:
Sapphire 6950 - 305 dollars + tax

Asus 560ti - 287 + tax

Asus 570 - 404 + tax

On maybe one of the following:
Gigabyte Z68MA-D2H-B3 (Cross Fire and SLI)

Gigabyte Z68A-D3-B3/DDR3 2133MHz (Cross Fire)

Or maybe a p67 board?

I kind of need to get them from and choice is somewhat limited in Turkey.
As I said, the cards/ boards above are the one's I thought seemed to be looking the best but I'm open to any other suggestions.
The mobos they hold in stock can be found at
The graphics cards they hold in stock can be found at
I could also find zotac 560 2GB/ 570 Synergy and MSI twn Frozr 560 oc and 570 cards if any of these might offer a significantly better option.

I could afford a more expensive card, but I'm looking to get a good balance of performance/ price, while still hopefully having a system which will last me for a good few years (perhaps with adding another graphics card).

Thanks very much in advance for any suggestions!
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  1. Anyone? Kind of need to make a decision by the end of the day...
  2. There are other possible choices @
    There seems to be a bit more variety here.
    Thanks again :D
  3. ^ The i5 which you linked is a non 'K' version,...
    Mobo - Get the Full ATX board as it would give more space if you plan to go Dual-Cards later on,...
    I would suggest a board with both SLI and Crossfire support

    Video card - HD 6950 would be a very good option,...
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