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I have just bought a phenom2 x 6 and asus m4a87td evo bundle, I am using Zotac geforce gtx 470, corsair gs800 psu, 16gb ddr3 ram.

The problem is, it seems to boot, but the display is not working, I have tested a second video card and same issue. I have checked all connections and all ok. The only thing I can see is that there is no 12v atx connection on the psu but it is a single rail 12v so I think I am right in thinking it doesn't need it.

I am at a loss, without going back to basics, can anyone tell me if i'm doing something dumb, obviously not installed os or drivers yet, but bios should provide basic operation through the dvi port I think.

Processor and heat sink correctly fitted, ram tested graphics card seated properly in correct bay. WHat is going wrong? I never seem to have it easy on new builds. always seems to be a fault somewhere.
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  1. When you say there is no 12v atx connection on the psu, what exactly are you talking about?

    Do you mean the 12v 4-pin CPU power, the 24-pin ATX board power, or the two 6-pin PCI-e plugs that power the GTX 470?

    From what I see, that PSU has all of those connections...and all must be connected.
  2. Your PSU most certainly has an 8-pin 12v ATX connector. The connector should split in half so you can plug 4 pins into your motherboard 4-pin ATX plug. That plug provides power to the CPU. Your system will not work without it plugged in. According to the PSU specs it has a 24-pin main connector, a 8-pin ATX connector, and 4 6+2 PCI-E connectors.
  3. I'm just stupid, I was used to a different psu it was the 8 pin connector. Honestly, some people eh :)
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