Question about a roomy case.

I'm trying to decide on the case for my first rig. Having never built one, I'm not sure if everything will go together okay, so I figured I'd ask! Thanks in advance.

This is my build so far, and I'm wondering which case I should snag due to space requirements and possibly power supply cable length:

i5 2500k

Asus Maximus IV Gene-Z Micro-ATX

Antec HCG-750

CoolerMaster H212 EVO

I was looking at
or possibly

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  1. I would be buying this one
    It should all work together regardless of case.
  2. My main concern, that I forgot to point out, was that it will keep 2 GTX 560's cool enough. The large one should. I was worried about a mid tower because of that.
  3. You have a smaller motherboard, so even with a mid tower you will have a lot of open air on the bottom. I would think going with a ATX motherboard with more room between the PCIE slots would help cooling the graphics cards. Also make sure your case is 7.75in wide or more to fit the 212 cooler.
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