M5A97 Pro - No Display?


I've seen a couple of threads with the same problem, however each solution to those don't seem to apply to my case.

I have on me the following spec:
ASUS M5A97 pro motherboard.
AMD Phenom 955 black
ATI Radeon HD 5770
OCZ 600w PSU
2 * 2GB HyperX DDR3 RAM

My case is a thermaltake element G, and i've recently put on order for an internal speaker as neither the case nor the motherboard seem to come equipped with a speaker.

I just purchased this motherboard 3 days ago and had little success. I overcame a problem to do with connecting to the chassis fan 1 which my CPU seemed to dislike as the case has a plug and play fan mechanism - I think it likes to connect these itself.

I've had most of the components working for 2 years or so, however I recently decided I would like to purchase an SSD and would need a compatible motherboard to do so. So the only change is the motherboard.

Some notes:
The back exhaust fan seems to be struggling to spin and is very inconsistent with the power that seems to be powering it - this is part of the case so isn't something I can manage easily by myself.

The GFX fan seems to think it is powering a jet engine and creates a really loud fan noise.

Please note those 2 cases are not seemingly related, if the GFX is unconnected, the exhaust fan still struggles.

Now to the actual problem now, is that with all the connections in, I can't seem to get any monitor to display anything at all. When they are connected and the computer is turned on, the monitors to go sleep from lack of activity.

Everything else seems to be working okay and there are no obvious signs that I can tell - perhaps the speaker that arrives in 3 or 4 days might give more of an indication.

If anyone has any tips that might highlight an obvious flaw I will be most appreciative, I've spent far too long on this now :)

And yes the psu has a connection to the gfx card :)
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  1. if the power supply works fine in another pc. then it an issue with the mb. the fan not moving right is a power issue. now is the power to the mb not working right or is the mb power circut bad. without another power supply i cant tell you. the other issue can be a short. you can be shorting part of the mb out to the case. i would try powering up the mb outside the case with just the video card..and the cpu fan plugged in. if it posts then you may have a dead short or a fan short.
  2. Thanks for the reply, I've recently just applied a Corsair 450w to run the basics with the GFX card in to try and see if there was any variation; however there isn't and the and the results are exactly the same. The GFX's fan still spins extremely fast and the exhaust fan is more of an off-on repetition than a consistant spin.

    And there is still no monitor display.

    This still remains a mystery and I am more and more positive it must be a motherboard failure. This is leaving me with the decision of whether I should:
    Wait for my speaker to arrive so I can listen out for any beeps.
    Take it to the nearest repair shop for a second opinion
    Battle the returns process and ask for a replacement
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